Fine-tune Your Taxi App’s User Experience by launching an Uber Clone

The UX or User Experience is one of the foundation stones of a mobile app. There is no way a business owner can disregard their app UX design. No matter what, UX designing is given a top priority throughout the entire app development process, right from the beginning. There are plenty of things one has to consider when aiming to deliver a positive user experience.

To ensure that the mobile app delivers the perfect and the most flawless experience to users, business owners need to conduct a thorough research. It is only after they study the market can they validate the success of the app.

If you know what UX is, you may also know that a mobile app with poor UX design has the highest chance of getting uninstalled. This is one of the core reasons why businesses offering services like taxi booking, carpooling, renting a cab, etc. are investing heavily in designing a proper UX.

If you are also looking for some professional tips for developing the best UX design or improving it as a matter of fact, read the following 5 practices.

Go Minimalist!

Your application’s users are trying to find a solution to their problem on the platform. Therefore if they run into a roadblock, they can easily get frustrated.

You are at a high risk of losing customers if your app is taking longer than usual to complete the purchase or book the service. To put it simply, try to keep your UX design simple.

Minimal design can incredibly benefit your taxi booking mobile app. However, make sure that it is not bland.

Minimize the Input Fields

Make sure there aren’t too many input fields in your app, especially when the user is signing up with your app.

Long-format sign-up forms are unpleasant. Thus, it can count as one of the components of a user experience design for a taxi app.

Users easily get tired of entering too many details. If this happens during the checkout process, you are bound to see an increase in the cart abandonment rates, leading your users to leave and uninstall the app in the end.

Therefore, the best practice is to limit the form fields. Moreover, like the Uber Clone app, you can integrate the function of sign-up with a social media account, email address, or phone number.

The Text Should Be Precise and Visible

When adding the text while designing the user experience, you need to take care of a few things. For starters, the text should be easy to read.

Therefore, use the right font type and size. Consider the line spacing and letter spacing as per the design so that your users don’t have to zoom in on the screen every time they wish to read the text.

Next, the text should be concise. Remember, the shorter the text, the better will people understand what you are trying to convey.

Collect Feedback from Users

Your app users are your best friends. They will tell you everything right and wrong about you. Therefore, it is a must that you collect direct feedback from them.

Getting their feedback related to UX will help you improve your app. In-app surveys are a great way to collect feedback from users.

Apart from the in-app surveys, check out the feedback provided on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you analyze the feedback, brainstorm about the ways you can use it to improve the experiences.

Don’t Show Blank Screens

One of the most important tips to improve your taxi apps UX is to avoid displaying blank screens to users.

Keep the users engaged on the same screen if the task is active and takes a while to load. A blank screen implies that either the app is not functioning properly or it has crashed in the middle of the completion of the task.

Such a situation will cause frustration and thus, force them to abandon your app.

In Conclusion:

A good UX design will help you to develop and launch the best taxi app in your region. Moreover, it will help you to enhance customer satisfaction.

Approach professional UX designers if you aim to deliver the best customer experience and solve their problems.

UX design incorporates a variety of components that demand consistent work. So, get started today!


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